Our Approach

HireMinds was established in order to have a forum for innovation in the area of staffing partnerships, recognizing the need for new and more creative ways of addressing the labor shortage in the Marketing/MarTech/Creative, Accounting/Finance, and Science arenas. In order to respond to this increasing demand, HireMinds has developed a methodology for partnering with clients which expedites the hiring process and insures the swift and accurate presentation of appropriate candidates. We are, first and foremost, an outbound recruiting firm. The vast majority of our candidates are target recruited specifically for your openings - we don't rely on job boards or other advertising to do our jobs for us. We are committed to staying at the cutting edge of technology in order to provide the most timely and accurate submission of candidates to our clients.

We’re happy to share a series of videos developed help you in the hiring and onboarding process.  If you want more information, or are looking for some additional guidance, please send us an email at minds@hireminds.com or give us a call at 617-252-0606.


We understand the complexity involved in hiring competent professionals with even the most basic skill sets. Hiring Marketing/MarTech/Creative, Accounting/Finance, or Science talent is even more difficult. For skills this specialized, you cannot afford to just hire bodies. You need to hire minds HireMinds can assist you in acquiring the skilled professionals needed to help you meet your business objectives. Whether you are developing a customer acquisition marketing campaign, implementing a new accounting system, or working on a novel drug delivery method, we have the talent you need. With our specialized focus, we have a better ability to service your hiring requirements. By partnering with us, you are the beneficiary of our exclusive relationships.

Need Assistance?

We look forward to assisting you in building the team of your dreams. For more information, contact David Hayes – President and Founder – at minds@hireminds.com or by phone at 617.679.6022.